How do I know Ghost Gamer Broadband is better?

Ghost Gamer Broadband is an internet connection optimised for gamers. We do this by using high grade connectivity links and without managing the bandwidth traffic in our network.

The result - very low ping and latency whilst providing a fast broadband connection ideal for gaming.

What is Latency and Ping and why is it so important?

Latency - time it takes for one data packet to leave your computer and arrive at the gaming servers running your game. Obviously, the faster this data arrives at the gaming server, the better your in-game advantage becomes.

Ping - Ping is the measurement of how low the latency on your connection is running at. The lower the ping, the better the in-game advantage becomes.

What is Traffic Management and how does it improve my gaming?

The Ghost Gamer Broadband is not traffic managed, meaning the connection is optimised for gaming.

Traffic Management is a process used by ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) for controlling the bandwidth provided to their clients on broadband in the event they run an ‘oversubscribed network’. Often this traffic management increases latency and ping resulting in a poor connection for fast reaction requirements i.e. gaming/streaming.

Can others in my home use the broadband still even though it’s a gaming connection?

That is ok with us. We had gamers in mind when developing Ghost Gamer Broadband but we understand not everyone in your home will game. All of our gaming broadbands still provide an excellent experience for everyday usage i.e. web browsing, email, TV, Streaming etc.

How easy is it to switch my broadband and line rental to Ghost Gamer Broadband?

It’s simple, we’ll take care of everything! All you need to do is place your order with us and we will do the rest. We will keep you updated along the way by email until your connection/line becomes live on the Ghost Gamer network!


How long will it take to switch my broadband to a Ghost Gamer Broadband?

As soon as your broadband order has been accepted and ongoing payment has been processed we’ll confirm your activation date. If you are switching your service from another provider it will take approximately 2 weeks.

If transferring a phone line as well, this will take an additional 15 days after your Ghost Gamer Broadband is activated so you get to enjoy the results before we complete the entire process!

Can I order Ghost Gamer Broadband without line rental?

Yes! We understand that not everyone will want to move their phone line as well, therefore we have made all our Broadband products available with and without line rental. Please remember that you do need a line in order to run Ghost Gamer Broadband. If you cancel a line that our service is running on the broadband on this line will automatically cease and this is out of our control.

What is a static IP address and why do I need one?

An IP address is a unique number identifying the location of your computer on the Internet, enabling it to communicate with other computers.

A Ghost Gamer static IP address means your computer is assigned a fixed, permanent address that is unique to you and does not change. You will need a static IP address, if you want to:

- Run your own FTP serverRun your own website
- Host online gaming sessions
- Host your own website or domain name server
- Connect to your computer from anywhere in the world via remote access
- Ensure other computers can locate your computer anywhere across the internet
- Conduct voice-over- IP calls or other web-based services

Note all Ghost connections come with a static IPv4 and IPv6 address.

Why is the broadband checker not working for me?

Here are a couple of possibilities:

1. Your current services are not provided on the Openreach network. Providers like Sky and Virgin Media use other networks and we are unable to takeover services from other networks. DO NOT PANIC! You can have Ghost Gamer Broadband if you choose to have a new line installed. You can initiate the order process by clicking "no" to "Do you have an existing phone line?" and entering your post code.

2. As hard as we try technology can have issues sometimes. If you believe that the broadband checker is not working out of error, please refresh the page and try again. If the checker refuses to cooperate, please complete our contact us form with your landline number and address and we will do what we can to help.


What hardware will I need?

All Ghost Gamer Connections are supplied with a free standard Wi-Fi router free of charge. We will configure this for you so it’s simply plug and play when your broadband is activated. We also include in the box all the technical details you would need in order to program your own compatible router if preferred.

What if I want to use a router I already own?

That may or may not be a problem. Some broadband providers lock the router to their services only i.e. BT Hub. This is similar to when a mobile phone is locked to only work on one mobile phone network. Some routers can be “unlocked,” and some online research may be able to help you figure out if you can do this or if you will need to purchase a new router. Remember that we supply a standard Wi-Fi router free of charge with any connection.

Can I get help configuring my router?

All our supplied routers will be delivered pre-configured so it’s easy for you to get connected. However, should you need help with one of our routers or one of your own you can contact support at support@ghostgb.co.uk which will generate a support ticket for you and an engineer will be in contact.

Alternatively, please contact us by phone on 0203 301 9998 between 9am-5.30pm weekdays and we will be happy to help.

Please note that in the event you are seeking advice on a router you purchased elsewhere, our engineers will endeavour to assist where they can, however you may need to refer to the router manufacturer.

Do routers supplied by Ghost Gamer Broadband carry a warranty?

All routers purchased through Ghost Gamer Broadband carry a 12-month manufacturer warranty in line with the manufacturer terms.

How do I return a router to Ghost Gamer Broadband?

The first stage is to create a support ticket with us by emailing support@ghostgb.co.uk or by calling us on 0203 301 9998. We cannot accept returned hardware without a support ticket being created and without a discussion with our support engineers. Any equipment received without these terms will not be accepted as a return and will be sent back to you.

Unless otherwise advised by a member of the Ghost support team, all original content should be included within the box when returning hardware.

Always include within the box, your name, phone number and postal address along with a brief description of your reported fault so that we can process the return correctly.

Please ensure you secure the goods within the box suitably to prevent damage whilst also protecting the outside of the box within the postal packaging. In the event the outer box is excessively damaged or defaced you may not receive a refund where applicable.Hardware return address:

Ghost Gamer Broadband
Unit 8, Foundry Court
Foundry Lane
West Sussex
RH13 5PY

How do I raise a Fault?

Faults can be raised by emailing support@ghostgb.co.uk where a support ticket will be automatically generated and an engineer will be in touch shortly to investigate and troubleshoot.

You can also contact us on 0203 301 9998 to raise a support ticket. Calls will be between 9am-5.30pm weekdays. Calls outside of those hours will generate a voicemail email to engineers.


How do I update my account details?

Please contact us at info@ghostgb.co.uk detailing your account name, phone number, which the Ghost Gamer Broadband is activated, on and a description of what you would like to change. An operative will respond with any questions.

Alternatively, please contact us by phone on 0203 301 9998 between 9am-5.30pm weekdays and we will be happy to help.

I’m moving, can I transfer my Ghost Gamer Broadband to my new house?

This is a Yes and No answer.

In the event you have FTTC Fibre Ghost Gamer Broadband, then No. FTTC Fibre currently cannot be transferred between properties due to network contract terms for the technology. Be aware that should you move from your house before the end of the contract period you will be charged for the remaining contract term as a one-off fee.

In terms of ADSL Ghost Gamer Broadband, YES! We can move ADSL broadband to a new property if we have been notified of the new address with a minimum of 30-day notice. The existing contract will move to the new property with you!

**Activation fees will apply

What is the contract term?

Ghost Gamer Broadband services are supplied on a 12-month contract.

Which payment methods do Ghost Gamer Broadband accept?

We accept monthly payments via direct debit and any one-off payments via credit/debit card*.

*We do not accept American Express.

Can I place my order over the phone?

Due to regulatory requirements, we cannot accept orders placed over the phone. We welcome your call to discuss your questions and advise on the best broadband connection for you, however the final order must be placed online through our website www.ghostgb.co.uk.

Why charge activation fees?

Activation fees are placed upon Ghost Gamer Broadband by the main networks for activation/installation and migration of all services. This cost effectively is for the network engineer to carry out the works on your line. We take a loss on these, however unfortunately we must pass on a lesser percentage when taking out a connection with Ghost Gamer Broadband.

Will Ghost Gamer Broadband be providing FTTP (Fibre to the premesis)?

Yes, we already provide this service to addresses where FTTP is an option. To order FTTP please contact us via support@ghostgb.co.uk or by phone on 0203 301 9998.

What’s the difference between FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) and FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet)?

FTTP - Fibre to the Premises provides a pure fibre path from your home or office to the exchange, delivering speeds of up to 330Mbit/s.

FTTC - Fibre to the Cabinet provides a fibre path between the cabinet near you and the exchange. We use the existing copper network to cover the few hundred yards between you and the cabinet. It’s the copper that causes the pinch-point, while still delivering faster speeds than are available today.

Who is the team at Ghost Gamer Broadband?

The team comes from a background of gamers, working in business telecommunications. For years, we used a business network for gaming at our homes. We were hosting more games, experiencing less latency, and noticing a very fast gaming experience. We took the quality of the business broadband, our knowledge, and the feedback of gamers to build a network that would provide a premium gaming experience. Once the connection was up to our high standards we decided it was time for us to share this experience with you, and Ghost Gamer Broadband was born.


How do I cancel?

To cancel your Ghost Gamer Broadband, please email support@ghostgb.co.uk detailing your name, phone number on which the broadband is active on and your reason for cancellation. An operative will then be in touch shortly to confirm details and cancel the service.

Alternatively, please contact us by phone on 0203 301 9998 between 9am-5.30pm weekdays and we will be happy to help.

Please note - Cancelling broadband will cease the broadband service meaning you cannot transfer to another provider and have to start the process again, thereby suffering downtime.

How to complain

Should you wish to make a complaint, please contact us at info@ghostgb.co.uk or write to us at the following address:

Ghost Gamer Broadband
Unit 8, Foundry Court
Foundry Lane
West Sussex
RH13 5PY


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