Our Specialist Network Explained: Next-Gen Connectivity

At Ghost Gamer Broadband, we understand the specialised requirements of those involved with the competitive online gaming community. As an internet service provider created for gamers by gamers, our goal is to ensure an unrivalled online gaming experience for all users.

Our network has direct links in place with popular online gaming services, including Steam, Twitch, Xbox, Amazon Web Services and Google. For the end user, this means less lobby time between matches and better ping rates, when compared to many standard ISPs.

Whilst other ISPs may throttle peak-time traffic, we prefer to ensure the speed and stability of your internet connection by never engaging in this practice.

We offer multiple tiered packages. With an FTTP connection, you can receive superfast broadband – reaching download speeds up to 300Mbps. Ghost Gamer Broadband also provides G.Fast, FTTC and ADSL options, depending on availability. Each of these services offers uncapped data usage, allowing you to game, stream and download without limits.

Our broadband network has been built with resilience in mind. To protect your internet connection from service dropouts and major interruptions, we have multiple 10Gbps upstream fibre circuits connecting you to us. If one were to fail, the impact would be negligible to you. In the unusual circumstance of something going wrong with the service, our team of highly skilled professional engineers would be ready to resolve the issue and restore connectivity as quickly as possible.

Infographic examining the benefits of Ghost Gamer Broadband specialised network connectivity for online gaming

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