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Ghost Infrastructure

supported via A business-grade ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Our network is managed and tuned with gamers in mind: no oversubscribing; no bottlenecking. Selected transit carriers move traffic between external networks – keeping latency low, improving in-game performance and providing you with faster downloads.


Many ISPs prioritise certain types of traffic over others. This results in broadband speeds being slowed unexpectedly.

‘Bottlenecking’ detracts from the online experience: downloads take longer, joining a lobby is slower, and overall in-game performance is degraded.

Network Resilience

Failure isn’t an option: our connection to the internet is made up of multiple 10Gbps fibre circuits. Even if something were to happen within a part of our infrastructure, you’ll still enjoy the same high-quality connection without interruption.

We can’t prevent every fault, but we do want you to stay focused on winning. When it comes to your broadband, we promise to have your back – every step of the way.

A Connection for Gamers

No resellers or “middle-men” are involved with our network provision. Being direct-to-network means more accurate diagnostics when required – what you see is what you get. It puts us in the best position to ensure you get the best performance: maintaining a low ping profile, high speeds and high stability.

Our large uplinks and network capacity give us the ability to offer true unlimited DSL, FTTC and FTTP packages – without traffic management, prioritisation, or slowdowns: as it should be. After all, online play shouldn’t come with online pain.

Our Ping Rates

Understanding Interleaving

If you notice this happening on our network, it will almost certainly be the result of interleaving. Interleaving is an error-correction algorithm. If you have a long or noisy phone line, interleaving will help to improve the stability of your connection.

Interleaving is very helpful for maintaining your experience when browsing the web or streaming video. However it does add to latency: typically 8–9 milliseconds.

Interleaving can’t be switched off for FTTC lines, but you can ask for it to be switched off on ADSL services. We can review your options to ensure you receive the best possible performance.

Measuring Latency

Ping is a means of measuring latency: how long it takes data to complete a round trip over a network.

For a customer, ping times are typically measured between the device and the ISP.

Online games often report ‘ping’ times to the user, but this will typically be a measurement of data travelling all the way to the connected game server and backup.

For gamers, both consistent latency and low latency are key to enjoying stable, reliable in-game performance. Several factors can affect this:

Physical Distance

While signals can travel at the speed of light through optical fibre, latency can increase each time data passes through a device en route to the destination, whether that’s a switching cabinet, router or another server.


If a data link reaches capacity, traffic will enter a queue. This is particularly true of your home broadband. If someone uses a data intensive application on your connection while you are playing, the line may be squeezed – resulting in latency spikes or consistently higher latency.

Congestion can potentially also occur within your ISPs network, especially at peak times. At Ghost we take a responsible approach to ensuring enough capacity is always provided to cope with demand – something less costly or under-resourced ISPs cannot promise.


A form of algorithmic error correction designed for noisy or long phone lines. It improves stability but adds a few milliseconds to latency. See the Ping Increases tab for more information.

Ghost Testimonials

What people are saying about Ghost Gamer Broadband:

A truly solid and consistent fibre connection. Online gaming has never been more reliable! Ghost cares more about ping rates and low latency than convincing you that speed is everything, meaning more Victory Royales and less lobby time! Also helps that my partner can still enjoy 4k Netflix without compromise.
The connection is solid, fast and reliable. I receive the advertised speeds at all times. Uploading to YouTube has never been quicker! Chuffed to bits!

Ghost Gamer Broadband

To you, it’s more than a game. To us, it’s more than a service. Being the best means hard work, dedication and focus. But in the beginning it’s all about building on the basics. Our rock-solid network is the perfect foundation for your success. So play like you mean it – with Ghost, you only need to worry about winning.