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Our Network Ultra Wide Monitor - Ghost

Ghost Infrastructure

supported via A business-grade ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Our network is managed and tuned with gamers in mind: no oversubscribing; no bottlenecking. Selected transit carriers move traffic between external networks – keeping latency low, improving in-game performance and providing you with faster downloads.


Many ISPs prioritise certain types of traffic over others. This results in broadband speeds being slowed unexpectedly.

‘Bottlenecking’ detracts from the online experience: downloads take longer, joining a lobby is slower, and overall in-game performance is degraded.

Ghost Testimonials

What people are saying about Ghost Gamer Broadband:

A truly solid and consistent fibre connection. Online gaming has never been more reliable! Ghost cares more about ping rates and low latency than convincing you that speed is everything, meaning more Victory Royales and less lobby time! Also helps that my partner can still enjoy 4k Netflix without compromise.
The connection is solid, fast and reliable. I receive the advertised speeds at all times. Uploading to YouTube has never been quicker! Chuffed to bits!

Ghost Gamer Broadband

To you, it’s more than a game. To us, it’s more than a service. Being the best means hard work, dedication and focus. But in the beginning it’s all about building on the basics. Our rock-solid network is the perfect foundation for your success. So play like you mean it – with Ghost, you only need to worry about winning.