XbOX adaptive controller designed for disabled gamers

Disabled gaming

A lack of accessibility options, due to narrowly focused game design, can exclude disabled gamers from a range of titles. This may make interaction with game content more challenging. Gaming while disabled… is gaming While there may be some differences in the ways disabled and able-bodied gamers play, research tends to separate the groups rather

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Female pro gamer competing in online match with mixed gender team

Women in esports

Research suggests women in esports make up just 5% of the industry, and within top tier competitions they’re not winning big. No women have won any of the biggest prizes in competitive esports. As an example, only 0.002% of competitive DOTA winnings have been claimed by female competitors. This is despite the fact that women

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Gamer holding controller in hands with cord tied around wrists

Online gaming addiction

What is gaming addiction? The World Health Organisation (WHO) included Gaming Disorder in its International Classification of Diseases (ICD) in 2018. Despite this, there are still issues with gaming addiction not being accepted as a ‘legitimate’ addiction. ‘Addiction’ is often linked with substances and physical dependency. However, uncontrollable, compulsive behaviours will be present in someone

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