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Female pro gamer competing in online match with mixed gender team

Women in esports

Research suggests women in esports make up just 5% of the industry, and within top tier competitions they’re not winning big. No women have won any of the biggest prizes in competitive esports. As an example, only 0.002% of competitive DOTA winnings have been claimed by female competitors. This is despite the fact that women […]

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Google Stadia controller launch logo

What is Stadia?

Within the gaming community, all eyes are currently on Google ahead of the launch of their highly anticipated online gaming streaming service – Stadia. With the release date set for 19th November, the jury is still out on whether Google Stadia is about to revolutionise online gaming, or headed for an unfortunate flop. But whilst

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Our Specialist Network Explained: Next-Gen Connectivity

At Ghost Gamer Broadband, we understand the specialised requirements of those involved with the competitive online gaming community. As an internet service provider created for gamers by gamers, our goal is to ensure an unrivalled online gaming experience for all users. Our network has direct links in place with popular online gaming services, including Steam,

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